Terms & Conditions

  1. Membership Entry Fee is US$ 5. Entry fee once paid should be non-refundable & non-transferable in any case. The entry fee should be transferred to the provided BTC Wallet Address.
  2. You should upload the screenshot of the transaction alongwith your username at accounts@lucky-10.com for the verification of your transaction and quick activation of your Membership ID.
  3. A member can enroll himself/herself multiple times in the scheme to maximize his/her earnings. A member can create multiple IDs using the single email address but with Unique Username.
  4. The earnings should be transferred to the members once a month between 5th to 10th of every month without withdrawal request. The status of their earnings & the financial transactions can be observed from the dashboard of your Membership ID.
  5. However a member can request an emergency payment once during the month through his/her registered email address & his earning should be transferred to him/her within 2 days after receiving his/her request. A Processing Fee of 15% will be charged & deducted from his/her account for such requests.
  6. The minimum withdrawal limit is US$ 10.
  7. The member whose wallet amount is less than US$ 10 is not eligible for the monthly transfers.
  8. All the transaction charges should be borne by the member.
  9. A member should build a team of 4 members under his/her ID to initiate earnings. However you are not restricted to 4 members. You can make hundreds of members in your team to maximize your earnings.
  10. Earnings are limited upto 10 levels.